Friday, January 25, 2008

Introduction Letter

My name is Rym Hannachi. I wa born and raised in a southern suburb of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.
I went to kindergarden at a small french school in the suburb where I lived. Arabic is the main spoken language in Tunisia, but most people also speak french and my parents wanted me to start learning french at an early age which is why they sent to the french kindergarden. Afther that, I went to a public elementary school in my neighborhood until sixth grade and then I went to a public pilot school (a school for kids who have a high GPA) in downtown Tunis for 7th through 10th grade. Because of my dad's job, my parents moved to Tokyo Japan, when I was 16 and so I spent my final two years of high school at an all girls international school in Tokyo. After I graduated from my high school, I studied physics at Oberlin college in Ohio, which is a small, very liberal, liberal arts school.
My epxerience with technology is not very extensive. Like most poeple, I use my computer reguarly for email, music, making reservations and doing research online. I'm familiar with basic microsoft office porgrams like microsoft word. Surprisingly, although I've never used powerpoint, I'm actually pretty good with an excel spreadsheet. I used excel quite a bit as undergraduate physics major. I also used other sicentific programs like logger, mathematica and so on. I'm not very computer savvy however, and I rarely explore new things unless I have to. I'm mostly a PC person (I've only ever owned PCs), but I have used macs before and they don't scare me.
I have to admit that the mission statement wasn't an important factor in my decision to apply to Cal State San Marcos. I was mostly just looking for a relatively convenient place to get my teaching credential. However, as a person with a muli-cultural background the mission statement does speaks to me. My father is from Tunisia, and my mother is from Kansas, so I grew up speaking 2 languages at home. Having parents from different countries, cultures and religions has always been an important part of my indentity. And so I understand the importance of being sensitive to issues of diversity in classroom settings. I'm also happy to be part of a program that emphasizes social justice and equitable education because I'd like to think that teaching won't just a be a way for me to earn a living, but also an opportunity for me to make a difference and be a positive influence in young people's lives.
P.S. I didn't have any digital pictures of just myself, so I posted one of me (the one in the middle wearing the green sweater), and my brother and sister in law.